Vacation Home Property Management Services

When my mother moved us here I was 12 (we won't discuss what year that was, but it was quite some time ago).  Coming from the Atlanta area, I thought I had reached the end of the earth.  Surrounded by preserved national and state lands, I wondered where the nearest mall was.  A long, long way, I learned.
What I did find was the most naturally beautiful and heritage rich area of the country that I have since seen. Growing up, weekends were spent on the beach on St. George Island, or on a sand flat on the Apalachicola River.  Which one depended on whether there was a boat or a car available on that particular weekend. A couple dollars in gas money (either for the boat or for the car) meant hours and hours of sun, sand, swimming, fishing, skiing, floating, or whatever, surrounded by lush coastal landscape and wildlife.  Ahhhhhh, life in a small coastal town.
I have spent the last 15 years in the vacation rental management business on St. George Island. I get to talk about vacations all day every day! I get to bask in this glorious Gulf of Mexico view every day.  I'd love to share my little piece of paradise with you.
I say all that to say this:  you want a local to guide you through your vacation experience on St. George Island.  Beach to Bay Vacation Properties has carefully selected the vacation rental homes in our management program.  We are a small family operated company on purpose.  Personably professional service is our focus.

Please browse through our selection of the finest vacation rental homes on St. George Island.  Call or email us with your questions.  We LOVE to share our local insight.
Now, let's go to the beach!

Carla Gibbs Galloway, Owner
Beach to Bay Vacation Properties